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gothic, industrial, new wave, alternative, techno, etc. mp3 sharing

The RIAA allows 24 hours for downloaded music for previewing purposes, after which it must be deleted.

Now that's out of the way - welcome!

Simple rules of the community...
1)Abusive comments or spam will not be tolerated.

2)All posts should be Friends Only.

3)Please tag your posts with the band name.

4)Comment if you're taking something. It would be nice to generate discussion and not just have people constantly swiping albums.

5)Requests are great, but if you're responding to a request please make a separate post with the upload.

6)Other media is fine, but please no advertisements for shows and such. Even if you want to post how excited you are for an upcoming show, that's cool. If you're posting photos or comic or anything larger than 300px please put it under a cut.